tucker by gaby basora.

i am really, really drawn to silk lately. maybe for the first time ever, though i don’t know why that is. but these tops from gaby basora don’t put up much of an argument against it, do they? it just looks so easy.

via pretty mommy.

16 comments on “tucker by gaby basora.
  1. luurrve the blue shirt. it’d be awesome with something white and spiderwebby/antique-laced in the realm of skirts. oo. and oxfords.

  2. Tucker is one of my new faves. Their stuff is so chic. I’ve never tried it on but I saw a piece or two of it in Los Angeles. There was this one dress that I saw online at Piperlime that had me reaching for my credit card, but it was sold out in my size. Poop.

  3. I was debating whether I should click on the link to see how much these beauties cost. I told my self, “Self, just admire them and move on.” But I just had to click on the link. Stupid budget.

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