out of print clothing.

so, i’ll be honest. i judge books by their covers. not all the time. of course not. but most of the time? yes. definitely most of the time.

my favorites are the classics. you know, the ones that barnes & noble has printed really big.

that’s why i was really pretty jazzed when i found out about out of print clothing. genius idea. if i could, i’d have them all. but my favorite? f. scott fitzgerald’s tales of the jazz age. and i love the red cardigan girlie up there has paired it with.

oh but wait! i almost forgot the best part: they do good and donate one book for every shirt sold. i like that.

did you know to kill a mockingbird turned 50 this weekend? amazing. and… speaking of 50, did you know IRA GLASS is 51?! holy wow. i first discovered this via wit + delight, who discovered it via out of print‘s blog. full circle, folks!

11 comments on “out of print clothing.
  1. Sheesh, you always have a way of filling my birthday wish lists with your posts! ; ) May have to get the Walden one in honor of my new, simplified euro lifestyle.

  2. Oh! I’ve had this website in my favorites for a long time…and have looking for the perfect opportunity to blog post about. My favorites are the Tales of a Jazz Age and the Moby Dick one. While I’ve never read the book, the shirt is awesome!

  3. I don’t care how old Ira Glass is…he will also be hot. And these T’s rock! My shirts would include “The Box Car Children,” and “Charlotte’s Web.” Wilbur would be so cute on a T.

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