while i’d kill to have a couple of each of these (i’m a big fan of a fancy sweatshirt), i think i could also settle for, say, 10 all in gray. i’ve already started trimming the summer color out of my fall clothes. think gray! and black! and gray!

also, you should know i am doing everything in my power to not show you everything that’s on my mind for fall. i keep telling myself, wait, dear child. the time will come.

but, i’m afraid to say that i think aug. 1 is as long as i can hold out. the end of july has always meant the end of summer to me even if it’s not going to drop below 95 for another couple of months. so, long story short, i am going to explode corduroy and loafers and wool and boots all over you next week. all i’m saying is get ready.

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  1. I have the purple AND the grey! They were $29 each at my Madewell a few months ago and I was like, YES PLEASE. They are now my two favorite pieces. I’d suggest getting them ALL.

  2. Bring it on! I am so not a summer girl… autumn is my very favorite season in general and for clothes. I only worry that you’ll get me too excited for autumn when we have at least eight weeks of hot/warm weather left here in NY 😉

  3. totally ready and cannot WAIT for your fall faves! i’m on the same wavelength and have been trying my HARDEST not to post any fall outfits for at LEAST another month. :)

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