annie greenabelle for topshop.

i know it’s just the start of july, but i catch myself occasionally longing for a crisp, fall day.

… and then, i see dresses like these, and i wish summer would last forever. what do you think? over summer already?

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  1. I totally agree with you about fall! Last night I found myself mixing up outfits with my cords and jackets- but I know that when those chilly days come I’ll be cursing the sky and longing eyeing my sundresses and strappy sandals.
    I love your blog, by the way. You’ve fed my internet addiction very, very well.

    love, rudi

  2. I love those dresses, and for me summer is only just getting started. I have no interest in crisp fall days at the moment! I just want sun, sun and more sun!

  3. definitely not over summer…but jonesin for fall just a tiny bit. which is why I wore fall-ish boots with a summer dress today. which looks so cute in magazines but is sooo hot! My feet felt swollen by the time I took them off. anyway…

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