yes, roxy. if you’re like me, you hadn’t given the brand much thought since you were 19 or so. (though i will admit i still am unable to throw out one very old, very floral and very small skirt.)

but, take a look at their lookbook… either i’m feeling like a kid again or roxy’s grown up.

p.s. no fear for those of you who are young at heart… roxy still does the boardshorts (designed by cynthia rowley, no less).

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  1. Looks like they actually have some beautiful stuff! I must admit I thought roxy was a brand for 17 year old girls, but you proved me wrong! Lovely stuff!


  2. Who knew? Roxy for me was never a possibility, but now, WOW! The whole collection is pretty good, but the firt skirt is really calling my name! :)

  3. I had the same thought- how can I like Roxy at my age? But I think you’ve got it right- they’ve really grown up, as evidenced by their pieces. I especially love the horizontal multicolor striped skirt <3

  4. Ha! This is so great! I was recently on their site and thought the same exact thing! Wait, could I possibly wear Roxy again? I think they have grown up. In total agreement with you, great post:)

  5. is that roxy?? really?

    i was a huge fan when i was in high scholl and then i forgot about them, but definetively, i’m going back to the stores! i love the first skirt!


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