pearl river.

today i went crazy at pearl river — and spent an insane $11. not on the things above, though. well, yes, i did get the powder ($2.50!), but i couldn’t rationalize the tray (no space) and the pillow was out of stock. but wouldn’t it make a perfect picnic nap pillow?

i did snatch up a few paper fans to stash in my bag because, GUYS, the heat is killing me. (hence the need for the powder. ew i am gross.)

3 comments on “pearl river.
  1. how how how did you get the parasol to stay as a ceiling shade?? i have destroyed three parasols attempting this! love it!

  2. anonymous,

    it’s simple… if i recall correctly. i had my boyfriend do it, so maybe it wasn’t as easy as it looked. :)

    just cut your handle down and attach wire to the spoke-y parts of the umbrella, and attach that to the light fixture. but don’t electrocute yourself.

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