pearl river, part two.

despite all my pearl river excitement, i was really disappointed to see they have only a fraction of what they used to (online, at least). when i was shopping for the parasol you see at the top, i had a nearly impossible time just picking one from pearl river’s selection. and now… well, they just don’t have what they used to.

but after scouting out some more options from other vendors, i think i might be ready to switch this one out. should i go simple, or stay with something traditional? i think that white & green one looks kind of hollywood. and i like that.

decisions, decisions…

p.s. pearl river no longer carries the one i have but this place does.

5 comments on “pearl river, part two.
  1. Man..I love the one you already have but do love the idea of the simple white & green version. Totally would give you a new look & yes, seeing hollywood. Like that too.

    Hope the wkend brings good things Caroline!

  2. They definitely carry more of everything in the store! The website is pretty good, but not a substitute for wandering the aisles of the store… though that always results in spending a lot more than you planned :) I’m sort of feeling the traditional parasols myself. They work great with the light.

  3. LOVE the one you have, but also love the green and white one. (Okay, they say there’s no such thing as a silly question, but I do still feel a bit sill asking; how do you modify the parasol to hang it as a light fixture?)

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