remember when you were 17 and you were taking amazing photos of beautiful people and hanging out at the beach and staying at cute boys‘ houses and having great hair and listening to amazing music* and were otherwise awe-inspiring?

yeah, that wasn’t me either. i only wish i could have been that cool. probably would’ve kept me out of some trouble. (or at least, the cool kind of trouble.)

but don’t these photos BY A 17-YEAR-OLD make you want to relive those years? i’d do a few things differently, for sure. more sun, more sea. and i’d have lots and lots of model-esque friends.

find more of nirrimi’s photos here. or here. and prepare to be disappointed with your teenage years.

*i just included the music bit because the song is on repeat way too often around my place lately. can’t stop listening to it.

do you remember that day you fell out of my window?
i sure do — you came jumping out after me
well, you fell on the concrete and nearly broke your ass, and you were bleeding all over the place, and i rushed you out to the hospital… do you remember that?
yes, i do.
well, there’s something i never told you about that night.
what didn’t you tell me?
while you were sitting in the backseat, smoking a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last… i was falling deep, deeply in love with you, and i never told you til just now.

i die every single time.

p.s. i am almost certain i posted that top photo some time ago without having a clue who shot it. or, it’s been hiding out in my inspiration folder for too long. either way, glad i found this young’un’s work.

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  1. A couple things – I Love the Edward Sharpe song so very much and the other is that yeah, this 17-year-old has a pretty good life. Great photos and definitely way cooler than I was or will ever be!

  2. Oh man! What a coinkidink! :) I JUST found that song just the other day and I have to agree. That song literally reminded me that I am a girl and have ragin’ hormones. Swoon! :)

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