lesley sico.

i’ll take a ticket to each of these places: playa del carmen, new york and paris.

please. and soon.

or, at least, i’ll take the prints from lesley sico‘s etsy shop. so pretty, i can’t stop staring and daydreaming. absolutely in love. and in need of a vacation.

oh, and how great is this one? so minty and french and delicious. and wouldn’t it be pretty placed near my green paris prints from little brown pen? yes. you’re right.

[updated: thank you, lesley, for offering free shipping to the ladies (and gents) of greedy girl! just mention greedy girl at checkout! (good through july 15.)]

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  1. As an American, how could it be that I’ve been to Paris and Playa del Carmen, but not NYC? I’d love to go. If only I could afford a plane ticket from OKC to NYC, I’d be at the airport right now! I love that these images remind me of my travels; I like the film style, too.


  2. caroline,

    thank you so so much for blogging about my photos! i always love everything you post, so i am honored to be featured among such lovely company :)

    as a special treat for your blog readers, i’d like to offer free shipping to anyone who mentions greedy girl when they check out from my etsy shop.

    thanks again!


  3. I just figured out how to do this viewfinder look in Photoshop and I’ve been having to contain myself to not get carried away.
    It looks absolutely lovey with her photography, I love the one of the ocean.

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