happy monday.

let’s ignore all the logistics issues here (1. you can’t ride a bike and carry a clutch; 2. that bodysuit could never contain what i’ve got going on up here; 3. sandals and motorcycles probably aren’t recommended; 4. can you ride a motorcycle in a skirt? etc.) BUT i can’t help but daydream about a fancy-free life zooming around with the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your hair.

i’ve gotten bitten by the motorcycle bug, you see. and i love these honda super cubs. they’re like little macarons on wheels. unfortunately, they seem to be available everywhere but the states. so i’m going to have to move.

in the meantime… my daydreams will look a lot like this.

(apiece apart bodysuit, duskin skirt, worishofer shoes, les atelier ruby helmet, calypso st. barth clutch, honda super cub)

12 comments on “happy monday.
  1. this just made me laugh at work. (a tough accomplishment). i love that bike, my boyfriend has a honda , so he should buy me this & we can match!

  2. Apparently I’m going to have to move with you, because now that I’ve seen those super cubs, I’m not sure I can live without them either. And I bet we could both get little baskets for those Calypso clutches.

  3. Macarons on wheels! So true – lol. Love this post. I’ve been bitten by the motorcycle bug too. I just got me the most kickass m-boots that would look so cute with that floral skirt. Now just need me a bike. Those Honda Cubs are to die for! :) xo

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