ann taylor LOFT.

i’ve always liked ann taylor LOFT, but you’ve got to admit that lately, they’ve been upping the ante and giving j.crew* a run for its money. don’t you agree?

*um, go to j.crew now and watch the most adorable video you’ve ever seen. you’ll be wanting to dance pantsless in no time. then, you’ll go find your orange lipstick. and then, you’ll curse yourself for not being a j.crew model.

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  1. Can I just saw I work across the street from a giant Ann Taylor Loft and I find myself going in there a lot on my lunch breaks. Not only is the style more fresh, but the fit is way better as well! Glad to see more brands striving to be like J.crew (my fav)


  2. so i pretty much just skipped straight to the part about wishing i looked like the j.crew model. eventually i got around to coveting the shoes and the lipstick. but yeah, mostly hung up on the model.

  3. I see where you’re going with this:) I’ve been reading that they’re trying to revitalize the brand and well, they must be doing it right ’cause you noticed. I do have a special place in my heart for J.Crew though.

  4. Hmmm. Seems that you know me too well. After watching that video I immediately wanted to (a) dance around in my undies, (b) wear orange lipstick (which I should never, ever do, btw), and (c) be a JCrew model (but that’s pretty much all the time).

  5. ha. it’s more like everyone is trying to jump onto the j.crew bandwagon. I walked past ann taylor which is on the same floor as j.crew and a lot of the stuff is sneakingly familiar to the collections of previous years at crew. guess the best compliment you can be given is being copied.

  6. Bought lots from Loft when I was back in the states last month. Very J.Crew, but without the insane price tag.

    Do love the video though – want the sweet french music and the overpriced lace-up sandals!

  7. i swear i was about to write this EXACT post. i stumbled into ann taylor loft last weekend and was completely taken back. j.crew without all the hype, though, let’s be honest …. nothing will get between me and jenna’s picks. : ) xo, h

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