alex & eli.

to usher in the cold front that will be sweeping through the state today, i thought we could all ogle these rich fall looks. (i love how the lips and nails lighten up the dark clothes.)

question: do you let your toenails go naked? i can’t stand for mine not to be painted.

12 comments on “alex & eli.
  1. yep, mine are always nakedddd
    i think it’s kind of difficult to paint them properly and my dad always told me men disliked it (‘:
    so i just stick to my fingernails
    love the pictures, tight, but laidback at the same time (:

  2. These clothes are beautiful! They make me wish I was spending fall at Harvard.

    And I’m with you… toes have to be painted! I go through phases with my finger nails (right now, I’m all about the natural look, but sometimes I can’t stand bare fingers.) but my toes must always be colored.

  3. Sandals are naked without a pedicure. I think you can experiment with color in summer, but fall pedis deserve classic red or other rich colors. I dig the neon color of lipstick in these photos as well.

  4. don’t bring in fall just yet, we just our summer in! love the looks though. I will continue to prance around in my sundresses a bit longer and keep my toenails forever painted. not so much on the mani but always a pedi.

  5. a couple of things. (a) because i’m secretly my mom i noticed the wall color first. so pretty! (b) very cute clothes that are making me psyched for falls and (c) how in the world can i get such a perfect top knot? seriously. great hair!!

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