welcome, judy kaufmann illustration!

i think we all agreed that we loved the work of barcelona-based artist judy kaufmann when i featured her ‘people’ illustration recently. the little people, guys! the little people!

here’s what she has to say about her work: I never was interested in economics or law, not even in art, but somewhere amongst my hundreds of notebooks, I began to draw stories of my life, that have transformed me into the girl that carries a ball-point pen in her knapsack.

makes you want to run around barcelona with her, doesn’t it? that’s precisely why i’m excited to have her on board as a sponsor. and, i have no doubt that the prints you see here will inspire you to go check out the others from her shop. i love how vibrant all of it is… even the black & white illustrations. so rich in character.

speaking of, how much do you love her new ‘identical twins’ print? I KNOW.

a big, big thank you to judy and also to my wonderful and devoted readers. y’all are nice.

p.s. if you’re so inclined, judy also has a pretty amazing and fun portfolio site.

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