a look at seattle, part one.

ok! so! seattle was amazing. it is blazing hot and humid here in oklahoma city, and seattle provided a sweet reprieve… at least for a few days. that rachel thurston… i am eternally grateful.

this is just a little peek at our few days in the emerald city: pike place market, black bottle in belltown (i could have sat here all day and eaten everything); ace hotel (absolutely loved – thanks, matt & amy!), also in belltown; cafe presse in capitol hill; and cupcake royale in ballard.

coming up this weekend… a roundup of all we saw and did. (it involved a lot of eating, if you hadn’t already guessed.)

13 comments on “a look at seattle, part one.
  1. Yeahie. Seattle is one of my favorite places. I’m excited to read about the rest of your trip. & Belltown, that’s where I stayed during my trip too.

  2. Soo exciting!! The cupcake and crab looks so delicious! The cupcake royale place looks so cute and tasty! The table and the large drawer in the middle is really cool. :)

  3. omygosh! from the first picture my first thought was seattle, and haaay. i was right.
    i love seattle too. the market. love it.
    my aunt owns a beach house in the san juan islands and lives in anacortes, but i dont get out there as much as i’d like

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