eugenia kim & cynthia vincent for target.

all at one time, target? this is bills week, not drop-it-all-on-target week. let’s coordinate better next time, ok?

i thought the first thing on my shopping list this weekend was going to be this eugenia kim hat. but now i’ve set my sights on these cynthia vincent for target flats. oh, and those wedges.

luckily, i already bought that belt, so i’ve already saved myself $17 to spend this weekend.

p.s. god bless target for having an easy-to-navigate press site with hi-res images. a thousand times over, thank you for the hi-res images.

18 comments on “eugenia kim & cynthia vincent for target.
  1. I am so glad that designers have really kept up with partnering with Target. Although it seems like I could still drop some seriously cash their at least it’s a touch of designer at a more affordable price. THat is something I am ALWAYS a fan of.

  2. Ended up getting about 9pairs of the wedges at a Target in NJ and put them all on ebay.

    Yay for Cynthia Vincent haha

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