bonjour, paris.

it was inevitable that talk of stripes would turn into talk of paris, wasn’t it?

rebel yell bonjour paris t-shirt (i’d never in my life consider spending $84 on a t-shirt, much less one that rips off another’s logo, but I NEED IT.)
alice + olivia skirt
sabrina dehoff bracelet
longchamp limited edition paris tote (i’m sorry — i want this, too!)
lanvin flats (there are only a couple things so far on my so-called bucket list. owning a pair of lanvin flats is one of them.)

13 comments on “bonjour, paris.
  1. Of I want all of this… i was looking at sabrinas bracelet the other day… and oh how i want a pair of the lanvin pom pom flats/sandals… anything! .. I’m going to try and make something similar for my wedding.. fabric and a glue gun.. how could you go wrong.

  2. I am IN LOVE! Can I please say I am the BEST daughter ever! When I went to Paris this summer I bought that Longcamp tote for my mom. She cried. Best money EVER spent!


    S.S. DOBBS

    Ummm I NEED that T-shirt too sooo cute

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