manual ornaments.

there are some things about myself that i’m just not proud of: ability to sleep hours upon hours AFTER the recommended eight? that’s one. the fact i just downed two glasses of eggnog. for breakfast. at 2:30 p.m. that’s another. (i think laziness is the common thread here.)

but, also? desperately wanting these rabbit earmuffs. rabbit.

i know, i know. to think a perfectly pink rabbit was slain to benefit my cold, wind-chapped ears. i do hate myself.

via loose leaf tigers.

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  1. Um, so I just talked to my sister about how much I love sleep, and how I always just roll my eyes when people say I don’t need to sleep as much as I do. Maybe I just need a more uncomfortable bed. Or scratchy blankets :)

  2. oh! and I had a rabbit fur jacket when I was little so I completely understand wanting these earmuffs. It was one of my favorite things ever.

    Well until a dog chased me in it and then proceeded to eat it after I flung it off so I could stop running away.

    oh funny childhood memories!

  3. shhhhhh… i want them too.

    short story:
    i accidentally bought a pair of rabbit earmuffs a few years ago – they were black – i thought they were fake fur and was feeling pretty proud of myself because i loved them so much… then my friend told me they were too soft to be fake, so to proove her “wrong” i inspected the tag hidden on the inside of one of the muffs – “100% rabbit fur”. the end.

  4. 1. i sleep too much and eat cupcakes for breakfast. our friendship was clearly meant to be.

    2. if you find the source of the pink rabbits, please let me know. i want one.


  5. I feel you on the laziness tip. My max is 1030am though. I’ve been mad at myself for doing that and trying to wake up earlier, but it’s a process. Move on and try again the next day. haha As for the earmuffs: total cuteness, but I couldn’t wear or even own one ever. I love bunnies too much!

  6. there cute! i wish i could have eggnog for breakfast… miss Braums! I have not been able to find eggnog since i moved from okc to norway.. so I am going to try to make my own this week!

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