a giveaway: delphine letterpress calendar.

i’m really excited to announce the first of several calendar giveaways kelly of design crush and i will be hosting to coincide with our 2010 calendar swap

… the absolutely GORGEOUS letterpress work of delphine. i’ll tell you straight up: you’ll be a fool if you don’t enter this one right away. all you have to do is leave an e-mail address in the comments by next monday, oct. 19. simple, right?

p.s. have you seen delphine‘s new digital invitation line? go. go now. well, after you enter the contest.

p.p.s. design crush may or may not offer a giveaway of the same sort. sure wouldn’t hurt your chances to enter both.

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96 comments on “a giveaway: delphine letterpress calendar.
  1. I usually get some cute photo calendar from one of my family members with pictures of everyone in my family. I would also love to have this one to keep either at work or on the table I keep all my bills/mail/etc.


  2. I thought it was Oct 6th on Oct 4th this past month. This charade continued for two days…I threw away “spoiled” milk. I paid my bills early (probably not such a bad thing). This all came to a head when I wished my friend a Happy birthday and received a confused “thanks?” Needless to say, I could use a nice calendar!


  3. is it cheating if i reuse my comment from DesignCrush *blushes*

    soooo pretty! I usually end up getting cheap discount calendars after the new year has started. (which results in some interesting selections..) This would be a lovely change!


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