may the best man win.

election day has finally come (almost) and i feel like snl’s kristen wiig in those crazy surprise party skits.

being a completely unbiased newspaper person, i don’t really feel comfortable publicly detailing how UTTERLY INCREDIBLE AND EDIFYING it was to see our next president barack obama (and michelle!) speak in springfield, mo., (we were like on the 20 yard line!) on saturday night.

instead, i’ll just encourage each and every one of you to head to your polling place tomorrow and vote for the best man, whomever you believe that to be. this is just my second time to vote for president and last time was a pretty big letdown so my stomach’s already upset. but my fingers are crossed! and yours should be, too.

now, for some link fun:

here’s 1,565 reasons to vote tomorrow. while you’re at it, take your camera and be a citizen journalist! also, funny electoral map. all via prêt à voyager.

if by chance there’s something wrong with you and you require more than 1,565 reasons, check out kate‘s post on getting free stuff on election day. can’t really go wrong there.

annnnd, read this funny david sedaris quote on undecided voters. i tried to relay it to my boyfriend but failed miserably, so i won’t try to paraphrase. just head to lindsay covets and see for yourself.

photo thoughtfully stolen from kelly at design crush.

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  1. I meant to leave a comment about this quote earlier, but I forgot, becasue i was so busy cutting and pasting it for someone else. It really is a gem. I heart David Sedaris. He called my purse a “pocketbook” when I met him once, I thought that was so quaintly Southern. I adore him

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