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  1. If I haven’t asked you already I would love for you to be a guest blogger on the up coming Truant blog that is set to launch in January. We are looking for fantastic bloggers like yourself to be involved.

    let me know!

  2. Bingo! You’re awesome… how have I never stopped by here before?!

    I followed the link from Coco+Kelley, and I am SO glad I did. Adding to my reader. Immediately!

    (Also? The Corso Como booties below??? I posted about them several weeks ago, and you better believe they were the very early start of my list to Santa!!! Great minds think alike! *I’ll take ’em in white please.*)

  3. does anyone know the name of these? i’m crazy about them and want to see if i can find them anyplace (over a year late i know!)

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