what i want more than anything today.

… a quiet apartment.

my landlord is remodeling the apartment below mine, so starting every day at 7:55 a.m., it’s nothing but guns n’ roses and power tools. and, because i work nights, this lasts UNTIL I GO TO WORK.

i realize i’m not on the same clock as the real world, but oh my dear god i’m coming close to homicidal.

i’ve come so close to stumbling down there, eyemask on head and earplugs jammed in, and asking them to keep it down (i mean, there’s a mothereffing TABLE SAW OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. bzzzzzzBEEEEEEEEEZZZZZbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezbeeeeeeebzzzzBEEEEEZZZZZZ. this is how it goes). but because i’m afraid of being adrienne shelley-ed, i just stick with what i do best: passive aggressive foot-stomping. and it doesn’t get the point across to these people.

ok, so now that i’ve had some juice and my ipod is charged (i hope you do the trick, natural sounds’ soothing thunderstorm), i’m going to give it another try. and i’m going to dream of quiet places and dark rooms.

your assignment while i’m away is to find the best, heaviest-duty earplugs ever manufactured, and an eyemask that doesn’t leak light.

also, you can find me a super-sweet apartment. maybe sfgirlbybay will let me shack up with her in the meantime. that’s her cozy-looking bedroom above.


2 comments on “what i want more than anything today.
  1. um, yeah. there is a man with a too-tiny chainsaw cutting down the lemon tree in my backyard right now. he’s been hacking away at it all morning. when life hands you lemons…riiiiiiiiiiirrrrr riiirrr riiirrr.

  2. sigh that’s a cosy bedroom indeed. *i need a beside table pronto.

    same here, my block has upgrading going on the ground floor and all day long, drilllling. ps: i work from home, gah!

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