take a bite out of this!

yeah, i know, what’s going on with me? busy, overwhelmed, busy, working, sleeping, busy, poor, unmotivated.

yeah, yeah, everyone is, i know.

i have tabs galore open for blogging purposes (i’ve even been too busy to bookmark them. sad) and myriad images saved to my desktop. but now i’ve kind of lost track of what’s what.

i’ll start with the apple. this $22 caramel apple. would i eat it? in a second. would i buy it? ha. $22? in these times? ridiculous!

williams-sonoma, $22.50

p.s. fall weather arrived yesterday. big smiles here.

4 comments on “take a bite out of this!
  1. yea, i’m with wendyb, it looks amazing. like, it could probably change the world. that’s worth $22. :) (you’re right, i wouldn’t buy it either… and quite frankly, who does Williams Sonoma think it is charging $22 for a candy apple I could buy at a fair for under $5. Silliness.)

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