madewell? making me mad.

dear madewell,

why you gotta keep me waiting? seriously, when’s this rumored online shopping going to take off?

yeah, yeah, i get that i can call in an order. but hey, we’re not talking pizza here. we’re grown-ups. we don’t need a mediator.

i am fully prepared to become a madewell devotee. me and j.crew go way back, but to be honest, i’ve been crushing on you pretty hard for a while. so if you want to give us a shot, i need you to work with me.

i beg you to cut this elitist bs. quit pretending like you don’t notice my desperate efforts, like you haven’t seen how many times i’ve clicked ‘refresh’ just to see how many new locations you’ve added that aren’t mine.

i know you’ll have hundreds of stores by the end of the decade. but until then, please PLEASE satiate me with a little clicky clicky, just once, just so i can say it was fun while it lasted.

could be affectionately yours,

p.s. we can forget this whole thing ever happened if you’d just send along this wool biker jacket (with a CATALOG, for god’s sake. give me something to work with besides your e-mails, which, let’s face it, are only a tease).

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  1. Seriously? WTF?! I’d hate to start another J.Crew obsession of my own, but this stuff looks worth the credit damage. Crossing my fingers they catch on to the damand real soon …

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