is leanne marshall god?

i just found out about leanne marshall’s etsy shop and it was like i died and went to heaven. except everything in heaven was sold out and i was really sad.

let’s take a look at what could have been:

amazing stuff, leanne*. i know you’re going to kick some serious effing ass at fashion week.

more from her line leanimal.

*does leanne read my blog? no. no. why am i talking to her? oh yeah. because she’s god.

8 comments on “is leanne marshall god?
  1. I absolutely love her stuff. I also heard that she is going to change her line to her full name because so many people continue to ask her if animal prints are in her line..

    I hope to have a dress from her and I wonder if she will continue her etsy shop now that she has won. I really hope so.

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