i’m definitely not on the nordic track.

sometimes i really hate my parents for not being scandinavian enough.

i mean, i love my splotchy red skin, dishwater blonde hair and big english bones as much as the next person, but what i wouldn’t give to be her just for a day! vintage fits her perfectly, she rocks the red lipstick and her hair is never out of place.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

3 comments on “i’m definitely not on the nordic track.
  1. i’ve never really wanted to look like someone else. except linda evangelista, maybe.

    your last three posts make me yearn a bit for complete overhauls…in wardrobe {color} and pool {gene}.

    well done!

  2. i love all of the things you pick out for us… this is my drooling blog… it is like reading harpers bazaar… almost entirely unattainable… but i LOVE it!

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