fresher than fresh.

so here’s a very little-known (ha i wish) fact about me: i am gluttonous as well as greedy.

so imagine my disappointment when i realized i completely missed this while in kansas city last month. i was super-disappointed, ok? because i live for snowcones, you hear?

not only does girlfriend make these delicious-looking treats ON THE SIDE, she (lindsay larick, that is) is half* of the creative force behind hammerpress.

yeah, designer extraordinaire and snowcone master with like the best hair ever. you want to hate her, right? yeah, me too.

read all about exactly how brill she is in this design sponge interview (it ran a week or so after we got back. jeez, grace).

photos shamelessly stolen from le flickr.

*the other half, of course, being brady vest, who joe and i were delighted to meet on our trip. brady even hails from this great state of oklahoma. and his shop. left. us. in. awe. really, we were depressed for a week, that space was so amazingly sweet.

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