happy halloween, all. favorite of all holidays.

this week was supposed to be filled with pumpkin and candy bliss but instead it’s been all snotty pillowcases and nyquil. and vomiting all over my poor boyfriend’s bedroom.

no fantastical costumes or caramel apples.

not even a halloween office party.

just a bed of violated kleenex. and me.

to be fair, it’s only 11 p.m. on all hallows’ eve and i’ve been awake for a whole 3 hours (a pretty big improvement over the last few days, including the days i was at work), so there’s still a chance to save halloween.

but, by god, did i screw it up this year. best i did was buy an autumn harvest candle from wal-mart.

i’ve really let myself down.

if you’re way more talented than i am, you should try your hand at these knitting patterns. pretty cute little guys. via templettes.

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  1. Sometimes I really hate working for the media. It seems like I never get a holiday off. I would give anything to be able to celebrate Halloween, but I have to work of course.

    I’m glad your bf doesn’t kick you out of his home when you’re sick. Some guys suck and do that.

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