bling, baby, bling.

my mom & favorite breast cancer survivor recently treated herself to this pretty, pretty ring* (top left). and it immediately made me want all three of the following ones. unfortunately, even one would cut wellll into my rent money.

so, in the name of a good cause, i plan to wear hers A LOT. at least until christmas rolls around (she’s been advised on my preference of the other three).

does anyone know of any more fun ‘pink for the cure’ stuff? i meant to do a megapost on it for breast cancer awareness month, but i just had a hard time finding things beyond the regular scarves and pins.

*remember when karey of mackin ink got hers? i do. sooo pretty.

3 comments on “bling, baby, bling.
  1. ooh! i actually wished for this one…is it the glacier? or is that mine? i forget…

    either way, it’s my fave thing to wear! {and thank you for remembering! that was way back…you’re considerate.}

    and i LOVE your new look! very crisp.

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