as stella would say, i want more featha.

we decided, thanks to a failing economy (no, really, thanks, wall street!), that our dia de los muertos party would need to hold until next year. that means we’ll be going costume-less for the most part (unless i can scavenge some angela chase from the depths of my wardrobe).

i decided i couldn’t let my favorite holiday go by without a little flair, so i whipped up a couple fall-ish headbands*. to be fair, the first one i made for a wedding a few weeks ago.

but the last one is nearly jet black and kind of crow-esque (not the movie), and that crazy yellow is really growing on me.

allllso, because it’s my girlfriend duty, i’ll mention that if you’re in the okc area saturday night you should head out to the 2nd annual ghouls gone wild parade, sponsored by the oklahoma gazette**. the flaming lips and his crazy crew of marching skeletons will make it worth your time, i promise.

*my mom said i should have smiled at least a little in these. in hindsight, that probably would’ve been smart. my jowls would have been less pronounced. yay self deprecation!

**i just lost major work points with this endorsement.

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