ll bean.

this may be the dorkiest post ever, but here goes.

my travel (and love) mate has this bag in yellow, and i want it for myself.

my weekender bags are these awkward things i bought back before our first trip together. we went to cape cod, and i thought the bags were so cape cod.

now, they’re so not comfortable or convenient. they make packing a bitch and are not nice to my shoulders.

so i’m looking for something easier and more throw-it-in-the-bag casual.

this is where ll bean comes in. particularly, this bag.

only, obviously, i can’t get have it in the same color. because he already has it.

so, green. what do you think? or maybe i like royal. or even navy.

and i think large is the way to go. (there’s also medium — a carry-on size — and extra large, so this is actually medium.)

any reader suggestions on all of this? i know you’re very concerned about me making the right decision.

UPDATE: on second thought (four seconds later) he doesn’t have the rolling duffle, i don’t think. but maybe i want that. although the non-rolling variety is amazingly cheap.

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  1. that looks perfect. it’s functional and cute in it’s no-frills sort of way. go for the wheels, makes it so much easier on yourself especially in a crowded airport.

  2. i have this exact bag, in this exact color and have had it for probably 5 years…
    it is THE BEST not only is it nice and big and you can fit whatever in it but you NEVER doubt that it is your bag at the airport, everyone is always standing beside me as i pull it off and saying, ah thats so smart to have a bright green duffel.

    awesome bag. awesome color.

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