kansas city: needing your tips!

anyone know of any hip:

we’re foregoing a trip south (something about a mad man named gustav?) and opting to go north for a couple days this week.
obviously we’ll spend some time in lawrence too, but i welcome any suggestions! thanksies.
3 comments on “kansas city: needing your tips!
  1. You should definitely checkout Westport and 39th St. for restaurants. Blue Koi has some tasty and hip fusion Chinese (dumplings and Ginger Basil Chicken with noodles are my faves) Also there is Murray’s Ice Cream which often has some interesting flavors (champagne or mango).

    The Country Club Plaza carries a lot of big names for shopping; I prefer Urban Outfitters, Standard Style, American Apparel, Anthropologie, but if you want a more unique shopping experience, check out ATC (Arizona Trading Company) and Boomerang in Westport, both vintage/used clothing. Just on the edge of the Plaza is Act II which carries a lot of used designer clothing, jewelry, bags, scarves, shoes, etc. That is a must. Plus, just next to that is a cute knitting shop.

    Well, that’s my two cents. Enjoy KC!!

  2. thank you, ma’am!

    i’m pretty stoked about anthro since the closest i am to one now is dallas (same goes for urban and aa).

    i’ll definitely check out those vintage places though.


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