it’s a mad mad mad mad world.

i have yet to watch mad men (waiting to borrow someone’s first season), so i carefully avoid any plot news like the plague (or nauseating cloud of cigarette smoke, in this case).

but when it comes to those dresses and those updos (and, let’s be honest, dapper men in skinny suits and ties), it’s really hard to just say no.

so when i was tipped off to these nobody’s sweetheart illustrations for sale as prints or t-shirts, i was immediately drawn (ha, get it) in. if that’s not enough, head to said illustrator’s flickr photostream for more. or, even, her blog, which is funny and will take up even MORE of your time without you realizing it.

want to get your betty (or joan) on? head over to vintageous.

2 comments on “it’s a mad mad mad mad world.
  1. I am all over this – thanks for the tip. We ate up season one in a weekend, and are depressed as hell that season two is unavailable to our non-cable-having selves!

  2. my favorite post EVER. that chick is a genius. and she gets extra points for creating a sugar-free concoction. snowcones…i miss you! she needs to open up shop in sf. -has

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