halloween fun!

halloween is on my mind all year long. i’m always looking for inspiration for costumes. sadly, when october rolls around, i’ve forgotten most of what i came up with. this year, i was very careful to keep track of these important things.

joe and i have always (in our two super wonderful years) done the couple costume thing (bear/bear attack boy scout; robot lovers) because it’s way more fun that way and it keeps us relevant.

so i’m always pitching ideas to him.

among them for this year, angela chase, as seen above. this would be pretty great and fun, not to mention super-easy to come up with. joe would be jordan catalano, natch.

then, we have the always-fun cancan dancer:

the boy, of course, would be toulouse lautrec. for whatever reason, he’s not into it, though. i told him that the monsieur was a result of inbreeding, that he liked to hit the sauce and that he died from syphilis, but still – he’s not big on the idea. sounded like a pretty fun costume to me.

more to come …

7 comments on “halloween fun!
  1. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you this… I was showing my boyfriend your blog one day and came across your green boots. I didn’t say anything about them, and he was like “wait go back up.” Then he said he loved them. I started laughing and he asked why so I explained my opinion on them and those conversations we had about them at the office. He told me to tell you that he thinks you have good taste in boots, no matter what I think. 😀

  2. On thursday I found out my husband had no clue who Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano were. Our first was anniversary on Sunday.I almost asked for a divorce, but he’s so nice I let it slide. He’d totally be into being the egg to my bacon (that’s one of my costume ideas)

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