tukaani chopsticks set.

i am the worst when it comes to using chopsticks. i can get by with sushi*, but if it comes to noodles, it’s a no go. (actually, i feel pretty uncomfortable eating noodles with a fork, so maybe it’s not a utensil problem after all.)

enough of my problems though.

lincoln kayiwa, a recent design school graduate in helsinki, was inspired by the bill of a toucan* when he designed this sterling silver chopsticks set. i love the easy grip.

completely practical and pretty, to boot. (the designer also gets extra points for being adorable.)

kayiwa oy, (i’ll get in touch with mr. kayiwa about prices and ordering. check back!)

*watching lost in translation (one of my very faves) & hungry for sushi and tokyo.

**tukaani, get it? finnish words are so pretty.

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