new york state of mind.

new york is one of the few things for which i’ve held a sad, sad obsession since i was a wee one. i try not to gush about it since i did so for like two years straight and it only annoyed everyone and got me nowhere.

today i read this, which made me again feel the itch. the oldest person interviewed was 26. i’ll be 26 in january. is my to-be-young-in-new-york window closing? what a sad thought.

luckily (?), i think ‘sex and the city’ and ‘you’ve got mail’ (biggest guilty pleasure) are more my style*. they offer a fairly good dose of the city without having to actually be poor and lonely (that would be my case if i were there).

also, to tide me over… the other day i saw the trailer for ‘new york, i love you’, and it looks just about perfect. excited about (!): ethan hawke, natalie portman. not so much: hayden christenson (though he looks tolerably cute here), rachel bilson.

better not get pushed back from february.

NOW i’m off to read the new york fall fashion issue, which finally arrived today.

p.s. other (non-new york) movies on my mind lately:
‘vicky cristina barcelona’ (really, really good! made me want to be in spain. i’m easily influenced. speaking of, javier bardem is on a conan rerun right now. yum.)
‘smart people’ (carrie is un-carrie; thomas haden church is fantastic as always; ellen page is still adorable.)

*HOWEVER, if ever you’re offering up your couch for a week, just let me know. i’ll deliver you coffee every morning in return.

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  1. I didn’t head off to New York City until after I turned 26. Best decision I ever made. Had I come earlier, I would have been in financial ruin. It’s never too late for New York, never. If you love it, you love it. you just do.

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