more print liberation.

as a member of the press, i would never dare publicly advocate for one party or candidate.

but, i just can’t help it when good design and politics mix. so, i bring you these obama buttons, which print liberation* put out some time ago.

head over to to request a free button, or chip in for a few (or 45).

once payday rolls around (see how poor i am? i can’t even afford buttons), i’ll be springing for a few more (especially that smiley face) from the shop.

p.s. remember when you were in love with shawn hunter from boy meets world? yeah, me too. well, if you’ve been wondering where he’s been, look no further.

*still my favorite t-shirt.

4 comments on “more print liberation.
  1. Shawn Hunter, yessss. His name is Rider Strong and I met him at a Counting Crows concert in Berkeley back in 1997. It was a pretty sweet day for this highschooler, lemme tell ya! He told me that he and his friends were “following the band” around the country, and my best friend chimed in “Yeah, us too. :P”

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