minnetonka dilemma.

you may remember when i was lusting after these minnetonkas*.

well, i won the auction (ended up at like $55 total. not bad!) and since then, the boots have just been sitting here staring at me, mocking my indecisiveness on what to wear them with.

so, now i pass that dilemma onto you.

what would you wear them with?

for the first time in months, i turned off my air conditioner, thanks to a beautifully bleary day (or couple of days) and am jonesin’ for some fall ensembles. i really want to break these out before rachel zoe decides they’re not hot anymore (though – to toot my own horn – i did take a likin’ to them before i knew they were all the rage. toot toot).

well, get to it! skirts or skinny jeans or what? help!

*excuse the jank photo. i wanted a nice clean shot of them (the better to polyvore!), but can’t find a green pair anywhere on the web, so i photoshopped them to the desired color. and, yes, i’m lazy so the soles & laces are green too.

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