does anyone remember a couple months back when someone (a blog? a magazine?) featured a girl whose entire wardrobe was just made up of grays? it was her thing, and a few years before, she had an entirely turquoise (i think?) closet?

i’ve searched a dozen times through my google reader but can’t find her anywhere.

so anyway, i loved the idea and it made me want to go all gray (or at least all neutral) for fall and winter. i love colorful clothes way too much to do it year-round, but i thought i could handle it for 4 or 5 months.

if i had the money to start an entirely new wardrobe, i’d start with james perse. i’m completely infatuated with the dresses below and would even consider wearing only those all the time (with boots! with flats! with tights! with love!) if they wouldn’t set me back $200 apiece.

what are your thoughts on a singularly colored wardrobe? you think you’d get tired of it?

i’m not certain i would. plus, i kind of like the idea of having a uniform for work. it would solve a lot of problems and would let you go crazy with colorful and shiny accessories.

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  1. i wear pretty much entiely black…or shades of it.

    when i don’t, i feel garish and low-rent.

    it must go back to my potty-training or something ridiculous like that…

    but i never tire of it. for what it’s worth…

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