for once, a good reason to spend.

beautiful photo by wendy whitacre of blue lily photography, who also shot these beauties of the nielson family.

i’d like to break from my usual self-absorbed ‘i want this and that and this’ spiel to make sure you know about the good will underway for stephanie nielson and family.

stephanie and her husband recently were severely injured in a private plane crash. they have four adorable little children (and, as jordan pointed out, they’ve all got different colored hair!) and have months of recovery ahead of them.

well wishes are going on all over the blogosphere, but here are a couple of good places to start if you’d like to help out: the ladies at coveiter are auctioning off a 4-month ad, and oh happy day also has a slew of other auctions starting today.

i’d love to join in on the auction action, but i’m sitting here looking around my apartment, and there’s not a thing anyone could possibly need. i wish the family my best and offer kudos to the blogging community for pulling together for such a cause.

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