the something store.

today, i came across the something store where you can shell out 10 bucks and receive something in return. could be anything. it sounds like something (ha! something!) i could easily become addicted to, given my love for receiving mail and surprises. plus, it’d kind of be like the lottery. i could just keep playing until i win big (go broke).

and! shipping is free (in the u.s.).

among some of the somethings sent out recently?
… a pintacuda.
… a starbucks gift set.
… memory foam slippers.
… a kitchen knife set.
… a clocky (!)
… a rembrandt 2-hour whitening kit.
… clear lens goggles.
… a $20 gas card.

BUUUUUT … unfortunately for some of us, they don’t – i repeat, DO NOT – offer escort or prostitution services, organs or other body parts, fake autographs, herbal drugs such as magic mushrooms, diplomas, crime scene photos, radioactive materials, timeshare properties, brass knuckles and some of our other very favorite things. looks like we’ll have to stick to craigslist for those things.

photo by fedewild.

6 comments on “the something store.
  1. What a MARVELOUS business model. Do you think they’re just regifting crap that their employees have received over the years? Regardless, I’m sending away for MY something as soon as payday finally gets here.

  2. wow, what a fun idea!

    ps. thank you for leaving a comment on my “second blog” — it was actually an edit test for a magazine, not a real blog. but i’m glad you liked it! xo

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