damn the books for keeping me awake.

as some of you may already be aware, i would – in a split second – drop everything and move to london to work for penguin uk.

and, for the chance to work for penguin classics, i’d abandon my dog, give up both arms, change my name and hitchhike across the pond with lead weights tied to my feet.

i don’t know what it is. harper collins doesn’t do it for me. chronicle doesn’t come close. i’m all penguin, through and through.

among my recent beauts are the portable dorothy parker (aka all the dot parker – my favorite – you’ll ever need) and the great ideas series. i’d love to have the full sets of both volumes one and two because, yeah, they’re awfully nice.

volume three is due out soon, and it’s, sigh, green. thanks to the genius boys (esp. cutie alistair*) over at we made this for a little peek into what’s to come.

and special thanks to david pearson for being an absolute design god.

as you brits like to say, you are brill. brill, i say.

above, mark twain in the great journeys series. ah, can-can girls. this is on my to-buy list this weekend.

*sorry, joe! you’re still my no. 1!

p.s. i don’t need to go into my love for the pocket penguins but dear god i tried forever to order these and i couldn’t get them shipped to the u.s. perhaps i’ll begin my search all over again now that some time has passed? the sight of them all in one place nearly brings me to tears.

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