tattoo necklace.

somehow, in my young and stupid days*, i managed to avoid the ubiquitous star-on-wrist or butterfly-on-ass tattoo.

i won’t say i never commissioned my best friend to design a hibiscus for my shoulder (HA! i KNOW! the WORST idea ever.) or i never heavily considered a four-leaf clover on my foot, but, thankfully, i just never got that far.

despite all that, i still really like the look of sailor-esque tats (ha, i said tats) like this swallow (i like these) or pretty pinup girls.

i’m doubting i could pull off the pinup girl considering she’d have to be thistiny (the smaller, the better for me), but i definitely could rock this necklace.

what do you think?

also, let’s discuss the swallow tattoo. now i’ve got my mind a’whirlin’.

wickedminky, $15

*i hope those aren’t over?!

5 comments on “tattoo necklace.
  1. I also have a weak spot for sailor-esque tattoos; I’m debating a sparrow on my lower back at the moment. The difference is that I am most certainly young and stupid, so I’ve not decided for sure yet. But loving that necklace.

  2. i hate needles, so this question doesn’t keep me up at night. you have pretty white skin…i say paint your nails red, dye your hair, and leave your skin be. -has

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