swimsuits. what fun.

so, i was completely willing to shell out the $300 or so for this bathing beauty from abaete (because it is that fantastic), but after hours upon hours of trying to find it (or any of those others from the spring or resort collections), i gave up. really. i could not find a single one.

(note to ms. poretzky: should you run across one somewhere in your atelier, i’ll take it. any size. i’ll lose weight, gain weight. whatever’s needed. thank you in advance.)

but, my faith has been restored.

movie star and swimmer extraordinaire esther williams is here to fix all my problems! she now has her own line of swimwear (i KNOW! she’s like 86!) … AND for cheap (and all the way up to size 26)!

so, yes, god bless her, but, i’ve come upon an entirely new dilemma: white, black or gold?

i’ll even add a fun, big flower pin.

tell me what color you’d go with! i’m sort of leaning toward the white, even though it’s completely wrong for me.

yum. summer is fun.

(via coveiter.)

esther williams swimwear, $79

p.s. speaking of retro, this is my all-time favorite swim find. got it at ross for something like $25 about three years ago. oh how i loved it. one day it will love me again.

9 comments on “swimsuits. what fun.
  1. i am so excited to get it!

    and i’ve decided white is the way to go. sorry, hols! would hate for the suit to blend in with my golden skin. ha. i wish.

  2. Eeek that Abaete suit is AMAZING! I’m so glad Esther could provide a worthy diversion, though! I vote black, because I’m boring and insecure, but I love the big flower pin idea, especially in a bright color. Tell me how it works out!

    p.s. I love your blog and will add it to my link list shortly. Keep up the great work!

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