selima for j.crew crystal-clear glasses.

i am absolutely in love with these frames and wish, wish, wish they could be mine. unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover a new prescription (just got one before the new year) and they’d end up being hella expensive.

if i could find a super-cheap clear frame, i’d go for those though. any suggestions?

p.s. i’m sorry i’ve been absent. work has drained me all week but hopefully in the next couple days, i’ll make a comeback.

j.crew, $325

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  1. these are sharp…and don’t worry! everyone’s been feeling a drain as of late, it seems.

    we’re just sitting here anyway, waiting for you to post. no rush.

  2. has several clear frames, starting at about $10 for lenses & frames. You’ll need to know your prescription and your pupillary distance, both of which you can get from your eye doctor (they are required to tell you, as legally, you own your prescription & medical information).

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