jelly ballet flats.

a couple months ago, i faced the reality that my calves weren’t shrinking and decided to ebay my beloved, but never worn hunter wellies.

everytime i slipped (*slipped is a huge understatement) a foot in, a vacuum sealed my calves up like the international space station. not comfortable.

but on rainy days like today, i really miss the idea of having them. so until i decide to shell out some cash for another pair of hunters (i’ll try the huntress next time – more leg room for the ladies), i’m probably going to have to have these green skimmers to tide me over.

i’m certain they’ll fit my calves.

j. crew, $30

2 comments on “jelly ballet flats.
  1. i have the malindi crocs…best $30 i ever spent…so comfortable. people can’t tell they’re crocs because they aren’t wide like the originals, so they’re always asking me where i got them. they have ballet ones too if you aren’t into the open back. i think they are more comfortable than the jelly flats and equal in appearance unless you like shiny…crocs aren’t shiny. -has

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