a giveaway: courtesy of yradier.

thanks to the luck we’ve all had recently with the nippies and ‘ecodog’ giveaways and the project 8256 promo (not to mention the luck i had, myself, with the shoe pod giveaway at coveiter. click to see mine in action!), i thought it might be time for another treat for you lovely readers.

and, so! i bring you yradier!

prounouced irre-dear, yradier is the brainchild of paloma, a photography student at queensland college of art, who started the shop to support fellow emerging creators of lovely things.

from now through the end of the month (i know! it’s like a whole month!), you’ll get 10 percent off any purchase from the brisbane-based shop. there’s plenty of fun and quirk, including these fun 3d cards (complete with 3d glasses) and many a pretty photograph brooch by jen hall, like the one above. the catch? just admit your inner greed and enter ‘avarice’ as the discount code.

AND, there will be a giveaway as well! leave a comment by june 20 letting me know what your favorite yradier offering is, you’ll be entered and we’ll randomly choose a winner.

what are the winnings, you ask? kind paloma is generous enough to offer this great set of soaps (you know i love these), a felt mustache brooch (ha! these are so fun) AND a rectangular tokyo brooch. i’m not kidding. she’s just that nice. i kind of wish i was a reader of my blog.

thank you, paloma, and i look forward to this!

remember, june 20 for the giveaway (i’ll e-mail you for your details later), and june 30 for 10 percent off (don’t forget! enter ‘avarice’ at checkout). lots of time! and don’t worry, i’ll remind you, too.

good luck, lucky ducks!

14 comments on “a giveaway: courtesy of yradier.
  1. Ooh, I love giveaways! I’m crossing my fingers XD.

    I think my favourite thing is the set of fill in the blank stickies – ‘deepest sympathy on your personality’? Something I often want to say, but have generally restrained myself ^__^. Also love ‘we need to talk… in pig latin’, haha.

  2. This store is hella cool !
    I love the knock knock products
    And the viewfinders are freaking A, much fun to be had there :)
    Congrats paloma

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