shoes shoes shoes. for cheap.

so, if you haven’t caught on, i was a bad girl this weekend and went shopping. (AFTER i paid my bills, for once!)

because i have gotten out of the habit of heels (much to the dismay of many and many a pair in my closet) and i’m getting pretty tired of flats, i decided on these blue suede pretties. they admittedly look kind of grandma-y, but what grandma wears electric blue shoes? (answer: me in 50 years.)

secondly, i was absolutely taken by the heel on these green suede lovelies below, but you know that whole ‘i can’t walk 10 feet anymore in heels’ thing. there was a yellow pair (not on the web site) that i probably would have broken down for, if they hadn’t been too small.

and, after visiting the web site today, i decided i probably need this yellow & gray pair, which make me all too reminiscent of my favorite puma anjans (which are no longer those colors, sadly).
ok, that was a lot of crazy talk about shoes, but the best part is, they’re all $30 on sale. !!!

2 comments on “shoes shoes shoes. for cheap.
  1. When it comes to shoes I’m so cheap that $30 even sounds high to me. I spend $20 or so on shoes at Wal-Mart and I’m a happy camper. Of course, I don’t go for anything too cute. I just wear basic shoes and I don’t care too much about style. I blame my mom for me being so cheap. She never let me buy anything that was very expensive

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