6 comments on “don’t you want to be right here?
  1. omg…it’s 97 in sf today. everyone was going to the beach and I was stuck at work if a fan vortex : ( –has

  2. jennifer: i’ll take green then!

    holly: i hate when that happens! i kid. it was actually nice and cool here today. i plan to get loooots of cancerous sun this weekend. even without the beach. i read something recently about people in sf. people here in the midwest take off work when the weather’s bad, but people there take off when it’s beautiful and they head to the beach. i want that!

  3. Caroline, why would you want a beach when you can have a sunny day that turns into a tornado in a matter of seconds? Oh wait, why wouldn’t you? Oklahoma sucks.

  4. ha, i posted that from my ipod…it kept changing my words automatically…it thinks it’s smarter than me…and it is most of the time. yeah so we had this freak heat wave, but it’s over now. it’s usually 68-72 here so the 97 just about killed me. people really do ditch when it’s hot in sf. it only happens 2 or 3 times a year so everyone calls in sick and heads to the beach. i couldn’t do the same because i was the lone designer today…and i hate the sun…apart from that whole keeping me alive thing. —has

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