bubblewand necklace.

i don’t know if it’s because i’m like 4, but i could watch bubbles all day long. they are so magical and crazy and go every which way.

every now and then, joe and i will break out the bubbles for the pugs. margo could chase them all day long, but my poor luke just isn’t interested. actually, i think he’s just more interested in watching how insane margo goes for them. it’s really a sight.

so, yeah, check out this adorable necklace from cynthia rowley. would love to have it to wear all summer. so. so. cute.

via the most awesomest stuff ever.

cynthia rowley, $150

p.s. i’m watching satc on tbs, and it’s the one where big is packed up to move to california, and they dance to moon river, and it’s all very sweet.

he leaves her the record and plane tickets. the. best. and carrie says the cutest things in it.

if you’re tired, you take a nap-a; you don’t move to napa.

you can’t leave new york. you’re the chrysler building … the chrysler building would be all wrong in napa.


i have my other wisdom teeth out in the morning (i’d kind of been ignoring the dentist’s calls for a while, but finally broke down and scheduled it … three months later) and likely will miss the satc press screening later in the night. very sad about that. but it gives me some motivation for recovery!

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  1. Okay, so not only are we coveting the same necklace, but we were watching the same damn television show last night. I love that episode, partly because I thought that SJP looked fantastic with her hair pulled back wearing plain ole jeans and a sweater. Big was hot in that ep too — it was before he got too squishy.

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