alternative apparel.

finally, a company to rival pervy dov charney.

i have always loved the simplicity behind american apparel but i have just gotten so turned off by their skeevy aesthetic. (upon further review, i stumbled upon this and might need it.)

but, anyway… i’m in no way prude or easily offended. i like coked out models in gold lame as much as the next person. i just think charney’s a skeezeball.

see how cute and wholesome these girls are? thank you, alternative apparel. (plus, they offer this hat that i want right now.)

8 comments on “alternative apparel.
  1. Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan???

    I can’t imagine a guy wearing that. Plus, there’s just too much cleavage being shown for the office. You’d have to wear a tank underneath

  2. you know what guy would wear that? chuck bass. you betcha.

    and holly, we’ll just have to see. i’m planning to stock up for summer. i’ll let you know.


    he is skeevy {a great word, by the way!}, and as much as i covet aa’s comfiness…i can’t do it.

    because i have principles. principals? {no…then i would be skeevy!}

  4. Alternative apparel is based out of Atlanta and as of a few days ago I lived around the corner from their shop– they have great sales. I love their tank tops… I wear them all the time. Their stuff is good quality, the only thing I don’t like are their v-necks ’cause they are too wide and low.

  5. jennifer: chuck bass!

    cait: how lucky to be so close. that would end horribly for me … hm. i don’t have a clean shirt to wear today… or today… or today. eventually i’d be getting a shirt a day!

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